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7 reasons to become provider today and join our community

Our providers are Ski Instructors, Mountain Bike Guides, Mountain Guides, Paraglider, local businesses such as Ski Schools or simply local experts that love to share with the world their mountain passions.

Here you have 7 reasons why you should join us.

We take care of payments

Are you still worried of no shows or last minute cancellations? Move faster between appointments while automated payments transfer directly to your bank account. You’ll have more time to focus on your customers.

Be part of an exclusive community

Only selected local experts are part of our exclusive community. Moreover, we are committed and dedicated in learning and improving our knowledge and skills. Here you get free dedicated Webinars on how to improve your skills and knowledge.

Get discovered

Every day, thousands of worldwide clients use My-Mountains to find and book unique mountain experiences. If you want to increase your sales, My-Mountains is the tool for you!

Build your Brand

Customers can share and review the experiences you offer by recommending and endorsing you.

Enjoy Freedom

Enjoy the freedom to choose when and where to work. My-Mountains is built for you and around you.

Stay connected

Set-up is quick, easy and free of charge. Manage your calendar, accept online bookings and respond to messages from anywhere and at any time.

We invest in sustainable projects

Mountains are places to be kept as intact as possible. My-Mountains believe in creating long lasting positive impacts on local communities. Who loves Mountains should take care of them and we do.

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Our Vision

We contribute to create a better world through life-enriching and mindful Travel Experiences which enhance social responsibility, reduce pollution, bring cultures together and sustain local economies.