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Swiss alps - hikingWho does not want to go to Switzerland in this summer season? Switzerland is known as the paradise in this world and also known for its world-class chocolate, cheese and amazing hiking trails and places like Zermatt hiking trails and Grindelwald hiking trails. If you are fond of hiking and want to make your stay at Switzerland an adventurous one, then you should definitely visit Grindelwald hiking trails this season. Not only will you enjoy walking on the obstacle free trails but you will also experience the true natural beauty of Switzerland.

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Grindelwald and the amazing experience of Grindelwald hiking

Grindelwald is actually a village in the Canton of Berne in the beautiful country of Switzerland.  It is actually a small municipality in the district of Interlaken Oberhasli. Grindelwald is regarded as a village by the Swiss federation and is situated at 1034 meters (642.4978 miles) above the sea level in the Alps of Bernese.

The municipality of the Grindelwald is large and is distributed into seven large mountain communities. As the Grindelwald has the largest tourist facility, that is why, it is more popular than the other communities. The village of Grindelwald is surrounded by the iconic mountains of Faulhorn, Wellhorn, Wetterhorn, Schwarzhorn, Eiger, Monch and etc. The hiking trails of Grindelwald are obstacle-free and very popular among the tourists. Thousands of people every summer season, visit the village of Grindelwald to climb on to the peaks of the Swiss Alps through the mountain trails.

Here are some amazing facts about the Grindelwald hiking and why you should visit Grindelwald hiking this season:

Amazing and Interesting facts about Grindelwald and why you should visit it

  • One of the most famous places for Grindelwald hiking is the north face of the Eiger mountain range. The north face of the mountain Eiger is basically a monumental mountain wall which stands tall and serves as a beautiful landmark for the village of Grindelwald. The trek to the Eiger mountain is also worth every step. You will also come across amazing waterfalls and streams on the Eiiger trek.
  • wanderer 455338 640The Jungfraujoch, a place in Grindelwald hiking area is also known as the highest place of the Europe. This destination in the Grindelwald hiking stands at an elevated altitude of about 3545 meters (11630.58 ft). From here, you can also see the Europe’s largest glacier, known as the Altesch. The Altesch is a 24 kilometers (14.9129 miles) long glacier which runs at the back of the Jungfrau mountain range.
  • The best time to visit the Grindelwald village and enjoy the 300 kilometers (186.411 miles) long trails is in the summer season.
  • Grosse Scheidegg is actually a vehicle free mountain trek that connects the hiking trails of Grindelwald with the Meiringen. This place is 1962 meters (6437.008 ft)elevated above the sea level. Apart from the snowy mountains and flowery meadow grounds, you can experience the foot of the mountain range of Wetterhorn, a peak which is about 3692 (12112.86 ft) meters above the sea level.
  • Lauterbrunnen, a town 25 minutes away from the Grindelwald village is the epitome of beauty as the place is all about the rocky mountain cliffs and waterfalls. There are more than 72 waterfalls. The Staubbach waterfall is about 300 meters (984.252 ft) high and at the foot of the mountain Eiger.

Conclusion – Grindelwald hiking

You should definitely visit the Grindelwald hiking this season to experience the amazing obstacle-free mountain trails and treks. Grindelwald hiking is the epitome of beauty. Apart from scenic views, you will also get to encounter the cascading waters and the villages near by the Grindelwald village.


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