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Engelberg Winter Guide 

Engelberg is one of central Switzerland’s most popular ski resorts. Not only you can ski between 1’050 and 3’020 metres above sea level, but it offers thousands of alternatives for non-skiers too. With more than 80 km of slopes and 14 lifts, Engelberg make for idyllic skiing pleasure in the regions. Moreover, it’s one of the first ski resorts to open the lifts in winter. Thanks to the Titlis Glacier skiers can start their season already in November. If you have enough on the glacier, explore Jochpass and Brunni on blue, red and black runs. We at My-Mountains are sports enthusiasts and mountain lovers who love to go skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing or simply build our Igloo. See what we got for You on the Engelberg Winter Guide now.

Engelberg Summer Guide 

Engelberg is one of central Switzerland’s most popular resorts and not just a hit during the winter; it’s brilliant during the summer too. in fact, mountains in summer have their own fascination. We at My-Mountains are sports enthusiasts and mountain lovers who love to go mountain biking, climbing or hiking and like to share our experiences. If you like to explore the mountains, see what we got for You on the Engelberg Summer Guide.

What’s your ski level?

It’s always difficult to identify your ski level. There is a lot of subjectivity in the word “intermediate”. That’s why we developed a simple but useful classification of ski levels. This guidelines will help you a lot in communicating with your ski-schools or your ski instructor and will avoid a lot of misunderstanding or confusion. We hope you find it useful and feel free to share it. 

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Mountain bike hacks can be difficult for the novice rider. It is important to build up a skill set that allows the rider to feel completely comfortable when attempting the more complicated maneuvers on a mountain bike. Once you start getting used to the bike you may try out bunny hops. After this move is mastered then you are ready to move on to the more advanced mountain bike tricks.

Manuals can at times be also difficult. It is important to have a comfortable speed before attempting the trick. Once this has been accomplished slightly shift your…


How to improve your activity as Ski Instructor.

A 5 step guide

At My-Mountains, we only work with dedicated, qualified Ski Instructors, Guides and other adventure-sports professionals, who have fantastic reputations. This goes for both instructors and guides. We will only match our clients to the most enthusiastic, responsive instructors and guides. Not only does it mean you will get the best experience possible but they’re much nicer for us to work with! In general, you have three very different options: guiding, instruction, or instructor-led guiding each offering a different lesson style. The Ebook – How to improve your activity as Ski Instructor, can help Ski Instructors. Get the guide today.