A greener world

Tourism and travel have a significant impact on the natural environment. It can lead to pollution, destruction of natural wildlife habitats, increased CO2 emissions, and resource depletion. That’s why it has been so important for us to create a sustainability strategy for our business. Learn how we reduce our impact on the environment while still providing the best possible travel experience.

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Sustainable Business

We have assessed our impact and set clear sustainability strategy goals for My-Mountains. We are a paperless company, meaning you will receive all your documents via email or an app. We also sensitize our partners to send us e-Invoices. Our tours are developed with eco-friendly goals in mind; for instance, our itineraries are optimized to shorten travel time. We only lead small groups, use public transport, and opt for digital itineraries.

Eco-Friendly Partners

Our sustainability strategy involves collaborating with people and businesses who share the same principles. We select hotels and restaurants committed to green business strategies, especially those that reduce water waste and promote a short food supply chain. We actively support local farmers and food producers by purchasing their products and showing our clients how sustainable food is being produced. We also support the national Swissstainable program, supporting sustainable travel practices.

sustainability strategy
sustainability strategy

Green Education

We strive to educate and promote sustainable traveling practices among our collaborators and clients. We sensitize our clients to follow the Leave No Trace approach when hiking, camping, or visiting Swiss cities. We aim to reduce plastic waste by promoting the use of reusable water bottles. On our blog, we regularly write articles promoting conscious traveling, where we share tips about making your holidays a bit more eco-friendly.