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Top 10 Switzerland Attractions You Should Explore

What to do in Switzerland?

Switzerland is home to stunning rivers, lakes, peaks of Alps and the world famous hiking trails. Thousands of tourists make a tour to witness the most beautiful and amazing Switzerland attractions. One cannot question the Switzerland attractions as the country is one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Moreover, there is a lot to do in Switzerland. From hiking to indulging in the heavenly Swiss cuisine, Switzerland is the best destination for your vacations.  Moreover, Switzerland is developed commercially so, you get each and every facility or the amenity that you expect on your vacations. It is so developed that some campsites even have mini washrooms, shower rooms and mini marts.

What to do in SwitzerlandOne simply cannot question on what to do in Switzerland. There are numerous Switzerland attractions which the tourists come from all across the globe to witness. Switzerland has some of the most breath-taking views and natural beauty. There’s a lot to do in Switzerland. One cannot leave from here without enjoying the open-air music festivals or without enjoying the water sports on the stunning river of Thun or Lake Geneva. 

“I visited Switzerland last year, and I was in awe by seeing the scenic beauty of this place. I now recommend my friends and family to visit Switzerland at least once.”  Marc, Tourist

If you are planning to go on a vacation trip to Switzerland, here are the top 10 Switzerland attractions that you should definitely visit.

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What to do in Switzerland

1. Matterhorn, Zermatt – A wow moment

This mountain peak is probably the most photographed mountain in the world.  It is a giant pyramid shaped mountain soaring high in to the sky, cutting the clouds.  It is the world famous Alpine peak in Switzerland and one of the top Switzerland attractions to visit. This mountain peak in the region of Zermatt is approximately 4478 meters (14691.6 ft) high. Many mountaineers even dare and try to reach to the Matterhorn’s summit. Matterhorn, the top Switzerland attraction has its own cable car system on the Zermatt station where it takes the mountaineers and the snow boarders to the surrounding mountains.

2. Le château de Chillon, Montreux – just wunderfull

Chillon castle is one of the top Switzerland attractions.  It is located in the heart of Lake Geneva’s banks or the Swiss Riviera. It is 4 century year old castle and indicates the richness and the wealth of the Counts of Savoy.  By entering the Chillon castle, you can witness the loyal bedrooms, subterranean vaults, paintings, towers and the weapons.  Till this date, the furniture and the weaponry is reserved.  This place consists of 3 courtyards and 25 buildings.  You can reach there by bus, boat or by foot from Montreux. This is the top Switzerland attraction and the most visited place in Switzerland,  due to its historical background.


3. The Jungfrau Region – Top place

The Jungfrau Region This is yet another Switzerland attractions and people who visit it are captivated by its beauty and the quietness of the region. Adventurers enjoy this place a lot because of the never-ending green meadows.  Visitors can also see the 3 giant glacial monoliths, Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. These 3 glacial monoliths towering  over the green meadows serve the best enchanting views for the tourists. In the middle of the region lies the Interlaken, the most famous point for the tourists to start. Here you can visit the towns of Murren, Wengen, Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald. You can even take a train trip or hike to the mountains peaks of Grindelwald-first, Kleine Scheidegg and Schilthorn.

4. Swiss National Park, Zernez – Beautiful nature

This is the only national park of Switzerland and one of the top Switzerland attractions. The area is not touched by the tourism development and serves as a natural reserve for the birds and harmless animals. You can witness the deep forests, waterfalls, lush woodlands and 21 hiking routes. You can easily reach the National Park from Zernez.

Lake Geneva5. Lake Geneva – Nice City

Lake Geneva is a giant water basin in the city of Geneva and is sometimes referred to as the ‘large water’. It has fairy tale chateaus on its shores and the view of the Lake Geneva includes the stretched hillside vineyards. You can take a glimpse of the world of the Swiss wines. The lake has crystal clear waters. You can take a boat ride or a paddle boat ride nearly every day if you decide to stay there. You can explore the Jura mountains, wineries of the Canton Vaud and the Vaud Alps. Some of the most prettiest towns of Switzerland are just two hours away from the city of Geneva.

6. The Rhine Falls – Spectacular

The Rhine Falls - What to do in SwitzerlandRhine is the Europe’s largest waterfall and this feature makes it one of the topmost Switzerland attractions. You can even rent your own canoes or watch the 150 meters (492.126 ft) wide falls from the viewing decks. You can even travel to the nearby castles of Schloss Worth and Schloss Laufen. If you happen to visit the falls on 1st August, do not forget to witness the sensational fireworks above the Rhine falls.


7. Bern – Capital City

Bern is the topmost Switzerland attraction as it is the capital of the beautiful country and you can witness the beauty of the capital city by walking on the cobblestoned streets.  The old town of Bern is the top heritage site of the world.  The arcades are full of world famous restaurants, bars, cafes, boutiques, shopping outlets and the cabaret stages. This city is known as the most historically preserved city. You can wander around the widely spread botanical garden in the city or take a bus to the Bear Park or the Rive Aare.

Lucerne8. Lucerne – Cool City

Lucerne is a post-card perfect town in Switzerland and also one of the most visited Switzerland attractions. You can see the fortified towers, churches and wooden bridges anywhere you run your eyes.  You can have a peaceful time, sitting by the Lake Lucerne or witness how the antique frescoes have managed to preserve the traditional townscape.

9. Zurich – Biggest City in Switzerland

Zurich, the Switzerland’s hub of culture should be one of the must-see places on your list. The city offers a contemporary night life and the Street Parade event, hosted by the Zurich is one of the Europe’s largest rave parties.  Visit the Swiss National Museum to know about the rich history of Zurich. There are more than 100 art galleries and over 50 museums to explore in Zurich. Zurich is among the top livable cities in the world. You should definitely visit here to live your life to the fullest.

Lugano10. Lugano – You speak Italian?

Lugano is the top Switzerland attractions because it has the influence of the Italian culture. This place borders with Italy on the south. It is best to visit this place in Switzerland as it has romantic villas and world famous Swiss cuisine.  Lugano has a rich history and the evidence is the numerous museums in the region.  Moreover, it has multiple heritage sites where you can explore the culture of the Swiss people. The top Switzerland attraction of the region if the Lake Lugano. It is known as the Monte Carlo of Switzerland.

Conclusion – What to do in Switzerland

Here are the top most Switzerland attractions, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. However, Switzerland, as a whole, is a beautiful country and you should definitely plan an extended vacation trip to explore all of the Switzerland.

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