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Top 6 best Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Get prepared for your next ski holidays. Choose wisely the resort according to your needs, and maximise the value of your time. Best ski resorts in Switzerland are waiting for you!

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With its incredible mountains, beautiful scenarios and countless opportunities for all Snowsports lovers, Switzerland offers endless adventures. Since there are so many options to pick from, you might ask yourself which are the best Ski Resort in Switzerland. Switzerland is maybe small in size, but it has ‘the piece of cake’ for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or you ski like James Bond, Swiss Alps can suit both families and professional skiers. So here’s our top 5!

Top 6 Best Ski Resorts in Switzerland


Only 45 minutes from Lucerne, this amazing destination is one of the most popular and one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland. Besides, it’s perfect for family ski trips.

Indeed, Mount Titlis is famous all over the country for both its beauty and its slopes. Of course, when coming here, forget quite atmospheres and solitude: tourists from all over the world ascend to its summit year-round with a revolving cable car.

Don’t worry though. There’s space for everyone! More than 80 kilometers (50 miles) of slopes welcome both beginner and intermediate skiers. There are some pistes for experts too. This is a perfect destination for family trips, where kids have all the time and space to learn to ski and refine their skills.

On the other hand, freeriders can enjoy endlessly powdery snow in compelling expert ski terrain. There’s certainly a whole range of good reasons to visit this ski resort.

“A bad day skiing beats a good day at work”


Davos in indeed in our top 5 best ski resorts in Switzerland. It is perfect for its extensive network of linked intermediate pistes. It offers six separate sectors of slopes, making it the perfect destination for those who need to practice as much as possible and refine their skills. On the other hand, it’s also suitable for those who want to ski at their intermediate level immersed in an unforgettable cornice. The town is small and modest, but offers optimal services and facilities. Ultimately, Davos really is a great place where to slow down, tune down the volume and relax, away from high adrenaline and top-rank destinations. It’s especially popular among Nordic skiers who can also enjoy lighted cross-country ski trails at night. 


We bet that all you want are countless pistes for expert skiers, right? Then Verbier should definitely be on your list. Not only there are long, well laid, challenging runs, but also plenty of backcountry terrain, turning this place into one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland for off-piste skiing. Still not convinced? The Tortin is well known for being one of Europe’s steepest descents. Verbier is all you want when it comes to luxury ski trips. This destination really is top ranking, with its highly luxurious facilities and services. Verbier is the perfect fit for skiers looking for royalty and adventure.


Considered by many, Zermatt is one of the top ski resorts is Switzerland. It’s not only for its top-class slopes and powdery snow, but also for its famous après ski, that are becoming more and more popular in the skiing community. Besides, Zermatt is the highest winter sports area in the Alps, ranging from 2,500 to 3,900 meters (8,200-12,795 ft) and counting more than 2,135 meters (7,004 ft) of vertical drop, i.e. the greatest vertical drop in Switzerland. Last but not least, Zermatt also has the most iconic mountain in Europe.

Sankt Moritz- the dazzling star among best ski resorts in Switzerland

Who doesn’t know St. Moritz? Indeed, this is probably one of the most famous skiing destinations in Switzerland. Its atmosphere is glamorous while the slopes are a real masterpiece.  It should also be noted that it hosted the Winter Olympics twice which is one of the reason why its pistes are the venue for many world ski events. The great thing about St. Moritz is that its runs are for everyone. Indeed, together with highly challenging slopes, there’s plenty of fun for beginners and intermediates too.

Jungfrau, a real gem among best ski resorts in Switzerland

With its 206 kilometers (128 miles) of slopes and dazzling views, Jungfrau offers you plethora of leisure activities. It also presents one of two main summits of the Bernese Alps. Besides it’s famous for iconic landscapes, this region offers ski runs ranging from moderate to fast. And that’s not all. Visitors especially adore this resort because of its countless toboggan runs. They are one of the longest in the Alps.

The Swiss Alps will appear to you like you’ve never seen them before. The skiers of all levels can find here the perfect ski destination for an authentic, personalized experience, both during your ski and non-ski time.

This might be our favourite…but don’t tell the others! Despite being famous for the highest railway station in Europe, here you’ll be able to visit the Schilthorn. It is the spot settled at 2,970 m (9,744 ft) above sea level where visitors can enjoy magnificent 360-degree view to Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. There is also the restaurant to take a break of your ski lessons.

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