Best time to visit Switzerland 🇨🇭

When should I visit Switzerland? Or better in which season – Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?

When is the best time to visit Switzerland?

So, you want a short answer: You can visit Switzerland at any time!

We recommend you to read this article till the end, cause you will see, not every month is for everybody. Some want to go skiing and others want to do more sightseeing and just enjoying their stay outside, when the weather is warm. The best time to visit Switzerland is….

The weather in Switzerland can be really changeable. Even in late Spring or early Fall there can be a snowfall. Sometimes is very warm and sometimes pretty cold. We have all four seasons in this beautiful country. Your probably know, Switzerland is in the heart of Europe. We have the giant mountain chain, called the swiss alps. These mountains have an impact on the weather and on the temperature. This means, there can big a huge weather difference based on your location.


Best time of the year to go to Switzerland – for you

Best Time to visit SwitzerlandWhatever you want to do in Switzerland (the best time to visit Switzerland), you can do your activity in almost every month. Switzerland is very well known for skiing. It’s one of the leading destinations for winter-sport. World famous places like St. Moritz, Davos or Zermatt are the perfect place for an awesome vacation. 

Snow: skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and more…

Time: Late November, December, January, February and March.

You should be careful: On late November and early March, there can be not enough snow in your chosen destination.

matterhorn switzerland
chapel bridge lucerne

Summer: Mid-June – Early-September

fahrenheit to celsiusThe summer in Switzerland is great, because you can do many things. In this time there a lot tourist from India, China, USA and form many other countries. But don’t worry, it will be not massive crowded.

In thistime period you can visit all places like: Lake of Lucerne, Interlaken (Jungfrau), Swiss Riviera, Zermatt, Rhein fall or the Canton Ticino (like Lugano). You can also make a tour. Maybe you want to rent a car or take the public transport.

What should I put in my luggage?

Take something for every weather situation – Yes, I know this is a bit daft, but the weather can change quickly. It can be sunny, rainy, cloudy or windy. Especially when you go up to mountains, there is the temperature much lower. When you have look you will have two weeks with 25°C and always sunny, when not: 14°C and a lot of rain.

Where can I go / should I visit?

You can visit any place and Cantons in the summer. You can do all kind of activities (except snow activities).


In Switzerland we have three airports. The biggest is the airport Zuerich. From there you have great connections to you destination. Second is the airport Geneva and we also have the airport in Basel-Mulhouse.

You can use the great public transportations, rent a car or get a taxi. But be aware of the price.

Fall: Mid-September – Early November

Fall in SwitzerlandIs Fall the best time to visit Switzerland? It’s getting colder and there a less tourists. In this time, I would recommend you do more “normal tourist” Stuff like:

  • Visiting museums
  • Go up to mountains with cable car
  • Walking trips / short hikes
  • Sightseeing

The weather isn’t as nice like in the summer. There can be the first snowfall in the mountains. Fall is well-known for his foggy weather, then you should go above the fog – go a bit higher, up to the mountains.

What should I put in my luggage?

Take something for every weather situation. But mostly you will need a thin or thick jacket.

Where can I go / should I visit?

We would recommend you to go to places like, Lucerne, Interlaken, Zürich, Lugano, Geneva, Montreux or Lausanne.

Winter: Mid-November– Early March

Winter in SwitzerlandLet’s go skiing! It’s cold and you will see snow in a lot of places. Now the tourist are in the ski resorts like: Zermatt, St. Moritz, Davos or another region. You know this dream: a white merry Christmas. You will have one, when you be above 1’000 meters (3280.84 ft) over sea level. The temperature is also not always the same – from -10°C up to 15°C (14 – 59 °F). We recommend you to stay mostly at one location. Almost all Alpine passes are closed for transport (you will always get to your destination by car or train)

Will I have snow in Zürich, Lucerne, Lugano, Geneva? No, probably not and when, only a little bit.

What should I put in my luggage?

Hat, gloves, warm socks and a thick jacket.

 Where can I go / should I visit?

Go to the top winter destinations. Of course, you can always visit some nice swiss city’s and go to a Christmas market.

Spring: Mid-March– Early June

hiking experience SwitzerlandIs spring the best time to visit Switzerland? Spring is similar to Fall. It isn’t the main tourist season so you can avoid long waiting lines. Days are getting longer and you will have more sun. In Spring you will definitely need an umbrella. Hiking and biking routes are opening. Hight up in the mountains there is still snow.

Many hotels and restaurants are not always open, they are seasonal.

What should I put in my luggage?

Take something for every weather situation.

Where can I go / should I visit?

Go wherever you like. There are no limits. Again, some Alpine passes can be closed, because of snow.

What is the best time to visit Switzerland?

Here are coming several facts together. There are actually only two important questions:

  1. Do you want to see Switzerland from the best side?
  2. Do you want to have snow?

When you want snow: Go between December and February.

When not: Go between May and September.

To our top/best mountains, museums, rivers, lakes and other attractions you can mostly always go, regardless the season.

Switzerland is a very nice, clean, safe, liberal and religion open country. We treat everybody with respect and kindness. And so, we expect form all tourists. We hope, that you enjoy your stay!

Check the graphic below with the temperature for each month. Please note, that this is the average temperature for the hole country. So in the Winter it can easily be -15°C (5 °F) and in the summer 32°C (89.6 °F). Hopefully this helps you, to find for you, the best time to visit Switzerland. For more weahter information you can clicke here.

Temperature Switzerland - best time to visit Switzerland

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