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Join our Ski Camps Switzerland to upgrade your skiing experience.

No matter if you are a beginner or expert, our Ski Camps for adults are designed for all ski levels

Let’s check the programs here below.

Ski Camps Switzerland 2021


Winter has already started in many Ski Resorts in Switzerland and snow is forecasted in the next weeks.

It’s time to upgrade your ski experience to enjoy the Ski Season to the fullest.

You may have always wondered to start skiing or you may be already an expert going down black slopes. Well here you find Ski Camps for your level with our team of professional Ski Instructors and Coaches. 

Check all our Ski Camps for the Winter Season 2020/21 here below. 

“A bad day on skies beats a good day at work”

how to get ready for skiing 4

12th to 14th February

Locations: Engelberg
Ski Level: All Levels

Freeriding Course Engelberg Switzerland

6th to 7th March

Locations: Engelberg
Ski Level: Freeride

how to get ready for skiing 4

12th to 14th March

Locations: Engelberg
Ski Level: All Levels

Not sure about your Ski Level?

Check your ski level here: Ski Levels


Is it safe to participate?

Yes, we have our Outdoor Activities Safety Guidelines in place which makes it safe to participate. Your health as well the health of other is very important for us. Also you may want to check how to protect yourself from COVID-19 in ski resorts for extra protection.


What’s included in our Ski Camps?

Usually, we include the following:

  • accommodation in either 3* or 4* Hotels including breakfast,
  • ski lessons daily as per program, 
  • ski pass for the entire duration of the Ski Camp,
  • video correction daily in the Hotel.

Click  on each Ski Camp to discover the whole program.


What happens in case of lockdown?

You will receive a full refund. We did it in the past and we will do it again if the Government or Cantons decide to close down all businesses. 


Why should you join our Ski Camps Switzerland?

We have tailored the best Ski Camps for you with our great Ski Instructors and Coaches. 

Come along, make new friends, upgrade your ski season and recharge your soul and mind with us. You won’t regret it. 

If you have any questions our Team is happy and ready to assist you. 

Check out the programs and we look forward to welcoming you. 


Andrea and the Team at My-Mountains

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