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How many Ski Levels there are? Where do I belong?

If you are a skier, sometimes you may have asked these questions to yourself.

Most of the time, people will say something like “I am a beginner” or “Intermediate”. However, words like beginner or intermediate are very subjective and therefore not so useful.

Here, we clarify for you how the best Ski Schools and Ski Instructors identify Ski Levels.

Let’s have a look.

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Why do you need to know about Ski Levels?

Maybe you are just curious and that’s good, it’s important to learn where you are standing and what you can do to move up on the scale. 

Or maybe you’re looking to polish your skiing skills and take a group lesson. In this case, you probably want to know how do ski schools categorise ski levels. Despite spending most of their holiday skiing, many people don’t know to define their ability level. Therefore, before you step on the skies, we recommend you have a look at these facts.

Or you simply want to get some tips on how to improve further your skills. Well, here we give you some useful information for all these things. 

Let’s get started.

“If you’re not falling, you’re not learning”  

Understanding Ski Levels abilities


SKI LEVEL 1 – First-time skier


This is the easiest of the ski levels: basically, you have never tried before. So, you don’t have any clue of what to wear, which equipment you need, how it works, and so on. Objective

You’ll familiarise and learn how to use the ski equipment, stop, slide and make slight direction changes.

Our best tips

  1. Never ever try skiing with your partner or friends. This is the most common mistake. Here’s a simple question: how do people learn how to drive a vehicle? Exactly! Skiing is the same, let the experts show you how to ski. This is the best way to avoid to injure yourself or orders. 
  2. Try first. It takes on average 17 minutes for people to understand if they like skiing or not. That’s why is crucial to start in the right way, with the right people.
  3. Be prepared. Check out our Article What do you need to know for your first ski lesson?
  4. Book a Private Ski Instructor. This is the most efficient way to start skiing.  The objective is to show you how to use safely the equipment, stop, slide, and make slight direction changes.


SKI LEVEL 2 – Beginner


You have tried before, you can stop safely and perform direction changes on “bunny”, green or very easy blue slopes.


You’ll improve your skills of turning and stopping and how to keep your skies more in a parallel position on blue slopes.

Our best tips

  1. Do not listen to your friends or partner. Again, they will try to convince you to follow them. They will tell you something like “It’s easy”, “I will help you”. In fact, they have no clue how hard is for you to be on a slope that you cannot manage. A panic attack or trauma is just behind the corner.
  2. Choose slopes that you know or that your ski instructor told you it’s ok for your level.
  3. If you want to improve further, you can take a Beginner Ski Course. We call it also “From Bunny Lift to Blue Slopes”. The idea is, in fact, to bring you outside the Bunny Lifts. The purpose of the course is to make snowplough turns on blue slopes and improving your skills of turning and stopping. Besides, you’ll also become familiar with bringing skies together in a parallel position.


SKI LEVEL 3 – Intermediate


You are a master of snowplough and you would like to attempt to go on red slopes but your technique doesn’t make you 100% confident.


You’ll learn how to keep your skies more in a parallel position on difficult blue and easy red slopes.

Our best tips

  1. Do not listen to your friends or partner. Again, they will try to convince you to follow them in areas where you are not yet confident. Safety first.
  2. Build up confidence. Keep practicing the right technique on slopes that you know.
  3. Think of hiring a Private Ski Instructor. Now it gets harder to make new progress and the learning curve is flatter than the first two levels. This is totally normal, that’s why getting a private ski instructor may help you to progressive’s faster, safer and of course with the right technique. If the budget it’s a problem and you cannot share a private ski instructor with your friends or partner, you can also opt for group ski lessons: “From Blue to Red slopes”. Both Private and Group lessons have the same objective: to learn how to keep your skies more in a parallel position on difficult blue and red slopes.


SKI LEVEL 4 – Advanced Intermediate


You ski with parallel ski almost all the time on easy red slopes.


You’ll improve your skill of turning and stopping with parallel skies on challenging red slopes.

Our best tips

  1. Avoid automating wrong movements. You are a decent skier and you probably go skiing fairly often. Be careful to not repeat the same errors and mistakes again and again: they will be hard to fix later on. 
  2. Go skiing with people at your level. In this way you’ll enjoy the day without feeling “behind”. If you cannot avoid it, do not go beyond your limits.
  3. Work on your angle. To push forward your skiing skills, this is the most important aspect you should work on. There are many ways to learn how to use your angle efficiently. Feel free to join one of our Group Ski Course: “Red Master”. We will teach you how to turn and stop with parallel skies on challenging red slopes.


SKI LEVEL 5 – Expert 


You ski confidently with parallel ski on red slopes and you would like to attempt to go on black slopes.


You’ll learn how to efficiently carve and various ski tactics (type of turns and radius) on red and black slopes.

Our best tips

  1. Train your muscles. To push forward your skiing skills now you need also good legs. At this point you ski at a relatively high speed and therefore it’s crucial to have solid legs.
  2. Don’t teach others. You are familiar with the concept “being able to do something doesn’t mean you can teach others”. Let the expert do what they are trained for and avoid 
  3. Train for consecutive multiple days. In this way you can progress more efficiently than going skiing infrequently. Think of joining one of our Ski Camps for Experts
  4. Choose wisely your Ski Instructor or Coach. You are a good skier, and therefore you want a Ski Instructor that is competent, has experience and tons of knowledge. Make sure you get the right Ski Instructor or Coach before wasting money and time. 


SKI LEVEL 6 – Advanced Expert 


You ski frequently and confidently manage the speed on red and black slopes.


You’ll apply all your skills on black slopes and learn how to efficiently adapt to different terrains.

Our best tips

  1. Safety first. You are a good skier and you think you are the king of the slope. Mind your speed and don’t put in danger yourself or other. 
  2. Maximise your pleasure. Eat well and balanced and drink water regularly to keep your body in top performance mode.
  3. Try moguls. This is a fun way, also with friend to test your legs, balance and have a laugh. You can also join our Group Course “Black Master” to learn some tricks how to push forward your skiing skills. 




You ski quite frequently on piste and off piste on all terrains.


You’ll learn how to master your techniques and develop a plan with your Ski Instructor or Coach on how to improve even further. Also, you may focus on different areas such as: race training, moguls, freeride
techniques, freestyle, etc.

Our best tips

  1. Focus on what you love. By now you know what you like, focus on that and make sure your skiing technique machetes your style. 
  2. Freedom. Forget the small technique details, now you have your own technique and style. Make sure all your development is around that. 
  3. Inspire others. You love skiing, now it’s time to infect others with your passion. You can also join in one of our Freeride Camps to meet like-minded people. 


Conclusion about Ski Levels

After we have checked all the Ski Levels, we hope that you’ll be more familiar to determine your ski levels knowledge and way to improve your skiing skills.

By now you understand that the best way to learn or improve your skiing skills is with a professional and qualified Ski Instructor. This fact is especially important for everyone who will first-time try skiing.

Not only it’s safer, but they are specifically trained and qualified to teach. 

Private Ski Lessons are usually the highway to success. Meaning, you reach your objectives faster. However, Group Ski Lessons can be a more enjoyable way sharing some laugh with other people and a healthy way to socialise.

Aside from this, being familiar with the terrain is one more thing to consider. This is especially true for Skiers Level 2 and 3. Your Ski Instructor knows all the slopes like his/her pocket in order to prevent unplanned or dangerous situations. If you’re not sure about your Ski knowledge or simply want to figure out the best way to learn or improve, we recommend you to consult our team. We will help you to clarify what the best options for you are and, in case, customise also your training.  

In the end, one thing is for sure. Nothing can change spending a quality ski day and discovering new landscapes. Enjoying fresh air, splendid nature and discovering hidden gems always sounds like a good idea. 

Get in touch today with our team or book directly the ski courses that fits your needs.