Getting ready for the winter season is probably one of the most thrilling adventures for lovers of skiing. However, before you decide on starting ski lessons, it’s good to find out all the facts about ski levels. Besides you’ll get all the essential info, these tips will also help you have a memorable time in the snow.

ski levels

What do you need to know about ski levels?

If you’re looking to polish your ski skills, then you probably want to know how do ski schools categorize ski levels. Despite spending most of their holiday skiing, many people don’t know to define their ability level. Therefore, before you step on the skies, we recommend you have a look at these facts.

Sometimes, it would be wiser to choose a lower ski level to fortify the skills. The lessons can be especially challenging if you haven’t been skiing for years. Since this sport draws a lot of energy, being in a good physical condition is one of the precautions to remember. Even though you want to quickly make progress, it’s essential to objectively access your knowledge. In that way, you won’t affect other participants in the group and will thoroughly learn skills.

Understanding ski level abilities

1- First-time skier

First-time lessons are tailored for those who will try skiing for the first time in their lives. Regardless of your age, our ski instructors will make the best approach in lessons to make you feel confident in relax. Although you are a lover of snow, a few falls on skies can shake your confidence. Therefore, whether you’re an adult, child, or teen, our school carefully tailors every lesson to fit your needs. This ski level includes lessons that will show you how to use the equipment, stop, slide, and make direction changes.

2- Beginner

If you’ve ever tried skiing lessons earlier, then you’re ready to switch to the following level. Beginner ski course includes knowledge such as making confident snowplough turns on easy blue slopes. This level implies skills such as performing safely stop. The new lessons will include improving skills of turning and stopping. Besides, you’ll also become familiar with bringing skies together in a parallel position.

3- Intermediate

Since you’ve already become a master of a snowplough, you’re ready to go on red slopes. However, there are still techniques to learn to become 100 % confident. Besides, you’ll learn how to keep your skies more in a parallel position on difficult blue and red slopes.

4- Advanced intermediate

This ski level includes knowledge of being able to keep skies in a parallel position on easy red slopes. We will teach you how to turn and stop with parallel skies on red slopes and will make you ski in a relaxed way. Being confident is one of the key factors to have successful ski lessons.

5- Expert 

If you think that you belong to the expert ski level, then you gotta ski confidently by keeping skies in a parallel position on red slopes. Besides, you should also attempt to go on black slopes. Our goal is to teach you how to efficiently carve and various ski tactics on these terrains.

6- Advanced-Expert 

Being able to frequently and relaxed manage the speed on red and black slopes will confirm that you belong to the Advanced-Expert category. You’ll apply all your skills on black slopes and learn how to efficiently adapt to different terrains.

7- Pro

Since this level includes skiing quite frequently on-piste and off-piste on all types of terrains, we’ll practice your techniques. You’ll be able to set the plan with your coach and to polish specific skills. In other words, you may focus on different areas such as race training, freeride, moguls, freestyle, etc.

A few more words about ski levels…

After we have checked all the ski levels, we hope that you’ll be on a halfway to determine your ski knowledge. Aside from the previously mentioned facts, ski lessons should be performed by a licensed ski instructor. He/she is the one who will teach you feeling confident and safe on the snow. This fact is especially important for children who will first-time try skiing. Choosing a good ski instructor doesn’t mean that you should search for a strict professional. The instructor is the one who should make the lessons to flow naturally without making a fuss.

Aside from this, being familiar with the terrain is one more thing to consider. Your ski instructor should know all the slopes like his pocket in order to prevent unplanned situations. Therefore, if you’re not sure about your ski knowledge, we recommend you to consult our team. They’ll help you determine the ski level and will advise you whether to sign to an advanced level. In the end, one thing is for sure. Nothing can change spending a quality ski holiday in Switzerland and discovering new landscapes. Enjoying fresh air, splendid nature and discovering hidden gems always sounds like a good idea. 

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