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We bring cultures together through life-enriching Travel Experiences

Our Story

In 2017 we founded My-Mountains in Lucerne, Switzerland as a trusted community marketplace for mountain experiences. 

Here you can search and book unique mountain experiences in Switzerland and all over Europe.

My-Mountains is a dynamic booking platform for your favourite mountain adventure. It connects you to your selected ski instructor, mountain guide or local provider. Skiers, paragliders or mountain bikers; every mountain enthusiast will find on My-Mountains a large choice of unique experiences created by certified, qualified and selected providers.

Our international elite Team gathers young professionals, with different skills and strengths, all united under the same common goal: delivering a service that is useful for people, solutions that are exploratory, educational and inspirational.

Through us and thanks to all our selected providers, you can easily choose and safely practice your favourite mountain activity.

My-Mountains is giving an easy access to a remarkable learning experiences.

Explore the mountains like never before, get inspired, go places.

Our Vision

Learning is the key to achieving a person’s full potential. It’s important because it boosts confidence, is enjoyable and provides happiness.
At My-Moutains we make learning fun, memorable and as smooth as possible. Mountain activities like hiking, mountain biking, trekking, skiing, climbing, and paragliding are activities that boost an individual potential. 
We endorse those daily.

Our Values


Our passion for mountains is what makes our hearts beat.


A willingness to share ideas to go further - much further. An alpine sports mantra.


We help mountain travelers to “experience the mountains” while we keep learning.


Understanding our customers is the key to a great experience.

Meet the Team

Andrea Caspani CEO My-Mountains founder owner ski instructor

Andrea Caspani – Founder

In our team

Tourism expert with several years of international experience between different continents. Andrea drives the company’s vision, strategy and identify future growth opportunities. He’s dedicated to build a team of world class passionate people to allow My-Mountains to became the most useful website for mountain lovers.

Andrea and the mountains

Andrea fell in love with the mountains when he was five years old. Ever since he dedicated his life to his mountain passion. Today he’s a tireless skier. In fact, in winter, he’s constantly looking for the best freeriding conditions in the Alps (in Switzerland, Italy and France). While in Summer he loves hiking and trekking in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland.


Life is like a ski ride, you must adapt to every turn.

Lorenzo Giordano Web Developer

Lorenzo Giordano – Technology

In our team

Experienced IT developer and Technical Project manager Lorenzo worked in different industries as Bank, Insurance, Healthcare, Automotive and Academic. Interested in new technologies such Blockchain and growth hacker tools. Lorenzo is in charge of the tech side of My-Mountains.

Lorenzo and the mountains

Lorenzo started to love the mountains thanks to his wife. She opened a new world which was completely hidden before. Today he’s expanding his passion and knowledge about this world travelling to Mountain places as soon he has the chance.


Small achievements lead to a big success.

Cody Streib Digital Sales

Cody Streib – Marketing & Sales

In our team

Coming from Canada originally with more than 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry across four countries. Cody is in charge of our global digital sales and marketing program. Ensuring My-Mountains is accessable to mountain lovers everywhere!

Cody and the mountains

Cody has loved the mountains his entire life. He got his certification to teach Snowboarding at the age of 16. Throughout his teenage years, he could be found four times a week at one of his local resorts in Ontario and Quebec Canada. By the time he was 18 he made the move to Whistler BC to continue to live his mountain dream. He now finds himself in the Swiss Alps loving everything the mountains have to offer.


It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

Karin Breitsteiger Events Sales

Karin  Breitenstein – Events 

In our team

Karin is our Events Sales and Marketing responsible. 

Karin and the mountains

Karin loves to spend time in Engadin valley whenever she has time for it. She loves skiing and hiking. 


Go to heaven ski like hell.

Tanja Milankovic – Writer 

In our team

SEO copywriter with several years of experience, Tanya enjoys playing with words and writing engaging articles that help people to meet better with the Swiss Alps and its untouched nature. Writing has been a passion of hers since childhood. Her range of interests is vast and includes traveling, literature, animals, and culture among others.

Tanya and the mountains

Tanya can’t imagine the end of the year without spending a winter holiday in the mountains with her family. She adores snow and the older she gets the more she realizes that being a child is actually the best time of our lives. While most of you would say that nothing can replace spending time at the beach, Tanya is the one who would rather roll in the snow then sunbathe in the summer.


Snow makes everything beautiful and brings out the inner child!

Mountain Careers at My-Mountains Welcome Team Adventures Switzerland

You – Business Developer

In our team

Yin our Team you are in charge to push My-Mountains to the next level. When it comest to think you have no boxes whatsoever. Flexibility, determination, motivation and a natural leadership are your characteristics. Start-Ups are your environment and you love to generate and execute ideas. You’re hands on and love what you do from the soul. 

The mountains are your habitat

Mountain lover, you practice some mountain-related activities and, in your free time explore always new  places.


There are not problems, only solutions.

Join us

Our growing international team is always open to collaborate with open-minded people.