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Hiking in Switzerland For Foodies: Culinary Adventures in The Swiss Alps

Hiking in Switzerland became legendary already in the 19th century. With its iconic Alpine landscapes and charming villages, Switzerland has always captivated the hearts of adventure seekers. Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Cook, George Byron, Scott Fitzgerald, and many others came to Switzerland looking for delights for their eyes and their palates. 

Today, Switzerland has earned its reputation as an outdoor and culinary haven. It offers a plethora delectable dishes that reflect its diverse regions and rich history, which can be consumed while admiring breathtaking alpine panoramas. 

In this blog, we will guide you through some of the culinary delights to be devoured while hiking in Switzerland. Let’s traverse hills and visiting local huts, cheese farms, and restaurants. It’s going to be a journey in diversity, sustainability and awe. 

Let’s dig in.

Swiss Gastronomy: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Swiss cuisine is a delightful mix of both tradition and modernity. It beautifully marries classic recipes passed down through generations with contemporary approaches that cater to evolving tastes. This fusion creates a culinary experience that bridges the gap between old and new, offering both comforting and exciting dishes.


Fondue, raclette and rösti

Fondue, raclette, and Rösti are a holy trio of Swiss gastronomy, praised and vouched for all around the world. The three dishes have a deep cultural significance. Fondue is a social event that bring people together around one pot and is an exercise in tru bonding over a simple meal. Raclette, a simple dish of cooked potatoes, pickles, and vegetables covered in molten cheese, is a testimony to the resourcefulness of the alpine communities. 


Regionalism: seasonal, locally sourced ingredients

One of the cornerstones of Swiss gastronomy is its commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The country’s geographical diversity – from lush valleys to snow-capped mountains – enables a wide array of ingredients to flourish. This abundance of nature’s bounty is reflected in the dishes designed to showcase the region’s authentic flavors.


THE cheese

Swiss cheeses, from the world-famous Emmental to the aromatic Appenzeller, are a testament to the country’s dedication to dairy craftsmanship. The cows that graze on Alpine pastures contribute to the exceptional quality of Swiss cheese, infusing it with unique flavors and textures.

“In every walk with nature, one received far more than he seeks.”

– John Muir

Culinary delights in Lucerne and its surroundings

Nestled amidst Switzerland’s dramatic landscapes, the city and Lake Lucerne offer a fest for the eyes and the appetite with a plethora of gourmand opportunities. If you wish to get to the source of Swiss fresh produce, harvested no later than the day before and brought fresh for the city dwellers to purchase and enjoy, you simply must visit Lucerne’s Farmers’ Markets. The abundance is obvious: from buffalo heart tomatoes to fresh bread, cured meats, and dairy, Swiss farmer’s markets are an adventure on their own.

If you wish to journey to the source of the produce you just saw, and see how original Lucerner cheese is produced, why not embark on a trip around Lucerne farms? Hiking in Switzerland doesn’t always have to involve a long train ride. The nature in Switzerland is never far away. Take a funicular up the Gütsch hill and visit ecological farms nearby. Visit the cows in their stalls and see how the milk is collected. If you’re hiking in Switzerland around Rigi, make sure to visit a local cheesemaking factory. There, you will learn how Swiss milk is turned into a world-famous delicacy. 

Hiking in Switzelrand: Jungfrau culinary expedition 

The Jungfrau region is a place where nature’s magnificence takes center stage. Towering over the landscape are the trio of peaks: the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau, collectively known as the “Oberland Trinity.” As we traverse the trails that wind through this alpine wonderland, we’re treated to a visual feast of jagged mountains, rolling meadows, and glacial beauty.

Apart from breathtaking panoramic vistas, Jungfrau region is known for its excellent choice of mountain restaurants. Hiking in Switzerland is inextricably connected with eating: the exertion of an uphill climb must be rewarded with a hearty meal. Even the smallest huts offer a neat selection of drinks and meals ranging from cold plates with a selection of charcuterie, cheese, pickles, and dips (affectionately referred to as Plättli, meaning little plate), to hearty comfort foods such as Spätzle, rösti, Schnitzel with potatoes and Eintopf, translating to one pot meals. 

For refined palates seeking new adventures, we recommend visiting the restaurant La Terrasse at Grand Hotel Victoria in Interlaken. This elegant brasserie is a true hotspot for all gourmands. Try local sweetwater fish, fish cakes called Fischknusperli, hearty Swiss pasta dishes with a modern twist, and desserts that always call for seconds. Hiking in Switzerland indeed whets appetites. 

Bring the taste of Switzerland home

The Swiss hiking and culinary adventure doesn’t have to end when you return home – you can capture the essence of the Swiss culinary experience by bringing its flavors into your own kitchen. Here are some delightful ways to savor the tastes of Switzerland long after your trip:

  • Swiss chocolate: renowned for its smooth milky consistency and a large variety of flavors. Swiss chocolate is a quintessential souvenir you and your loved ones can enjoy long after unpacking the suitcases.
  • Artisanal cheese: a no-brainer. Swiss cheese is a true delicacy that can be consumed in many various ways. If you wish, you can even bring a gourmand fondue mix (to be acquired in cheese shops) and enjoy a Swiss-inspired dinner with friends and family.
  •  Local cured meats – if you’re a carnivore, Swiss cured meats should win your tastebuds. Try finding Bündnerfleisch, a type of dark cured sausage typical for the region of Grisons.

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We hope that this little guide connecting hiking in Switzerland with a true gourmand experience will come in handy for your next summer holiday in Europe. There is no greater pleasure than eating in the fresh air, and Switzerland delivers on both ends with an excellent choice of freshly cooked, seasonal food and breathtaking panoramas. The combination of both is a true feast for all the senses. 

If you wish to explore the connection between hiking in Switzerland and its culinary scene, we invite you to book our guided hiking tours. Our guides know all the best locations known only to locals. Come on an adventure with My-Mountains.