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Mountain Bike Hacks

Conquering the mountain is not something that only professionals can do. Your mountain bike can do more and we explain it here.

mountain bike hacks

Mountain bike hacks can be difficult for the novice rider. It is important to build up a skill set that allows the rider to feel completely comfortable when attempting the more complicated manoeuvres on a mountain bike. Here are some mountain bike hacks we hope you find useful. 

Once you start getting used to the bike you may try out bunny hops. After this move is mastered then you are ready to move on to the more advanced mountain bike hacks.

“You can’t get good by staying home. If you want to get fast, you have to go where the fast guys are” – Steve Larsen

Benefit from using manuals

Manuals can at times be also difficult. It is important to have a comfortable speed before attempting the trick. Once this has been accomplished slightly shift your weight back in order to start the manual. Try to keep your body shifted slightly to the back in order to keep your balance. The better balance affords you a better manual and longer as well. Another MTB trick that is at times difficult to pull off is wall rides. Wall rides require an expert rider to be able to bunny hop significantly and be able to shift one’s body sides ways in order to ride along a way or other hard surface.

mountain bike hacks

Practice maneuvers

Endo turns are another complicated manoeuvre that deals with balancing your weight on the front end of the back while and the same time being able to turn. 

A wall blunt incorporates the ability to wheelie up a wall and stall on it so that the bike is parallel to the wall. Stair manuals are hard to pull off because it involves navigating manually on rough terrain. Balance is key if one is to pull off this trick because bad balance can equal serious consequences.

mountain bike hacks

Never stop learning: further bike hacks

Stoppies require balance as well; they are when you are going a certain speed and then suddenly grasp the brakes thus shifting your body and the bike forward as if doing a front wheely.

Front wheel touch ups require popping the front tire on the curb. Start with your strong foot on the pedal and then lift the back part of the wheel with your feet in order to get the entire back on whatever object you are doing the trick. 

If you want to learn more mountain bike hacks or you want an expert opinion check our experiences and get a full experienced mountain bike guide. Our qualified guides can definitely help you to master some mountain bike hacks described here. Now it’s time to practice! Enjoy and have a great experience.