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Are you looking for a Private Ski Instructor in Engelberg?

You found a wonderful choice.

We offer Private Ski Instructors in Engelberg since 2017 and we work closely with our selection of professionals with only one objective in mind: your needs. 

Ski instructor, Engelberg! Let’s go have fun. 

Engelberg is on of the largest and best ski resort in Central Switzerland. It offers a good variety of different activities for skiers and non-skiers. Engelberg has more than 80kms of slopes. Both, experienced and amateur skiers and snowboarders will have definitely a lot of fun in this nice Alpine Town. It has a wide range of holiday activities. The activities are fun; whether in groups and individuals. However, that is not all. Hire on of our amazing Private Ski Instructors in Engelberg to ensure that you get an ”out of this world” experience.

Skiing in Engelberg should be in everyone’s bucket list. Imagine going through the 82 kilometers route length downhill, skiing and snowboarding! In addition, the pleasure you get skiing down blue, red and black runs of the Tiltis ski area. 

In contrast, there is the Brunni ski area. Brunni is the Sunny side of Engelberg. Families and kids will certainly feel good here. Our Ski Instructor will help you enjoy the seven kilometres of well prepared trails in this Area.


Why choosing our Ski Instructors in Engelberg?

We choose, select and train our ski instructors with almost an obsessive objective in mind: guarantee our clients the highest satisfaction while focusing on their skills and wishes.

You can choose either a half day or full day, depending on your needs. She/He’ll be discussing with you the objective of the day and work towards your goals, efficiently and effectively.

Fancy some off-piste? Wonderful, get to know the most secret spots and feel the fluffy snow in your face while minimising the risks. Our Ski Instructor have the highest education level in Switzerland and Europe. In addition, he will help you feel and connect with the natural environment. 

“Life is to short to get a bad ski instructor”

Our Ski Instructor are ready and happy to welcome you in Engelberg. If you are a beginner, they will introduce you to the amazing world of skiing. If you are an expert, they will help you to improve your skills and unleash your potential. Not only will they help you in facing challenges, but also in overcoming all the fears. Most importantly, they’ll help you turn your stay into an unforgettable experience. Our Ski Instructors will be your perfect companion as you enjoy your stay in this beautiful resort, Engelberg!

Certainly, Engelberg is a hit in the winter. 

Come and experience the best with us.

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