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Zermatt hikingDid you know that hiking is also a sport?

And that many people love to hike to get to the highest mountain peaks, such as the peak of Zermatt or the peak of the Himalayan mountains. Hiking is not an easy sport, in fact, many people die due to the risks of hiking and due to the harsh weather conditions, lack of safety and lack of focus while hiking. But hiking is more than any other sports. Hiking on the mountain trails in Switzerland and then reaching to the highest peak of Matterhorn mountains is an amazing experience.

Switzerland, along with its world-class chocolates and cheese is also know for the fun that Zermatt hiking trails have to offer. However, before knowing about what Zermatt hiking is, its interesting and amazing facts and the potential risks it has, it is important to know what Zermatt actually is.

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Where is Zermatt? Some facts…

Zermatt is actually a municipality in the Visp district, near to the Canton of Valais in the beautiful country of Switzerland. Zermatt is actually located in the central German speaking area of Switzerland. Zermatt has a population of about 5,800 people and it has been classified as a small town by the FSO or the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.

Zermatt, as a whole town lies at the elevation of about 1620  meters (5314.961 ft), at the upper end of the area of Mattertal. It is the heart of the Switzerland’s highest mountain peaks. It is about 10 kilometers away from the Theodul Pass, which is over 10,800 feet from Zermatt and borders Italy.

Do you know what Zermatt is famous for? Actually, Zermatt is popular for the amazing experience at the feet of the Matterhorn, it is one of the most famous mountaineering and skiing resorts in the Swiss Alps. At first, when Zermatt was underdeveloped, it was entirely an agricultural community but after 1865, the tragic ascent of the mountain Matterhorn experienced a crowd of people and until now, people visit Zermatt for hiking and to visit many tourist facilities built for a good experience of Zermatt hiking for the tourists.


Hiking in Zermatt is perfect – enjoy the swiss alps

Zermatt is regarded as the hiking paradise for the hikers and for some good reasons, it also holds a hiking record. Zermatt is famous among the tourists, every year almost thousands of people visit Switzerland and hike the beautiful Swiss Alps. But, what are the trails locations, its elevation gains and amazing facts which you must know before going on a hike?

Here are some amazing facts and factual information about the town of Zermatt, hiking routes and the Matterhorn.

Matterhorn ValaisInformation about Zermatt  and the Matterhorn

If you ever get to visit Zermatt, you would definitely see the iconic and the most popular Matterhorn and its highest peak, which is the most photographed mountain of the world. It is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, although it is not even the highest and not even difficult to climb by the hikers.

  • The Matterhorn, the main attraction of the Zermatt hiking is the 12th most elevated peak in the western Europe and the 10th highest mountain in the paradise country of Switzerland. Moreover, it is one of the 48 highest peaks of the Swiss Alps which is above 4000 meters (13123.36 ft).
  • According to the statistics, almost 3000 climbers and hikers summit the Matterhorn and do the Zermatt hiking per year. In the summer season, up to 150 climbers a day can do the Zermatt hiking and can try an ascent each day.
  • From the summit of the Zermatt hiking, more than 500 climbers and hikers have died, and that too both on the way up and on the way down. That is why, Zermatt hiking also requires to walk on some of the dangerous hiking trails of the world.
  • The number of deaths during the climb to the Matterhorn is 5 per year. Luckily, after the late 1990s, the death ratio of the people has decrease. Before 1990s, more than 8 people used to die every year.
  • The air Zermatt is closely associated with your Zermatt hiking association as the Air Zermatt flies for 15 missions per year in order to rescue the climbers and the hikers on the Matterhorn. This has marked a significant decreased in the number of deaths while Zermatt hiking. More people now climb with guides than in the past.
  • Most ascents for Zermatt hiking start from the point of Hornlihutte before the time of dawn. However, for refuge, there are 130 places available and the huts are open in the area from the month of July to September.
  • Glacier SwitzerlandThe first ascent on the Zermatt hiking occurred on July 14, 1865. Four out of the seven hikers died while their descent. This incident occurred about 150 years ago and still, the reason of deaths is the same!
  • The first woman to have the courage to go on Zermatt hiking was Lucky Walker, in the year 1871. She was the first ever woman to summit the mountain of Eiger in Switzerland in the year 1864.
  • The mountain of Matterhorn first appeared on the chocolate bar, ‘Toblerone’ packaging in the year 1960. There is also a bear on the image of the Matterhorn mountain in the Toblerone packaging which refers to the area of Bern, where the Tobler first invented his chocolate bar.
  • There’s an igloo village where you can stop and relax yourself from the exhaustion of the Zermatt hiking. Carved out of ice and snow, the ‘Igloo-Darf, in the town of the Zermatt is the largest igloo in the world. It is 34 feet high and has a diameter of about 42 feet. The igloo resort in Zermatt includes 6 individual igloos, where guests can stay and the hotel rooms are interconnected by the inner tunnels. Moreover, there is a bar and a restaurant too.
  • The Zermatt hiking has its own trains where you can get very close to the Matterhorn without actually having to climb the peak. The Matterhorn Bahn train takes the passengers, in its own rail roads, very close to the Matterhorn so that visitors can see it without climbing it.


Conclusion – Zermatt hiking

There are many reasons to go on Zermatt hiking. The beauty of the place and the high peak of the Matterhorn cannot be described more in words. Zermatt hiking is a safer option for climbers who are amateur as there are many guides in the skiing and hiking resorts. Anyone who visits Switzerland gets ready for the Zermatt hiking at least at their stay.

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