Thank you to all our Friends and Partners!

Here you find My-Mountains Partners and Friends. 

Together we work to inform you about news, events and products. 

We work very closely with our Friends of ECHO Rails and Trails. 

They offer amazing hiking and rail adventures around Switzerland with English speaking guides. 

The passion of Rene Welti, the founder, is the heart of ECHO Rails & Trails and reflects the quality of their itineraries and tours. 

Check their website to discover why hundreds of people travel each year with this fantastic company: 

If you like action and culture we highly recommend to check out this amazing company. 

They offer wonderful and extravagant adventure all over the world.

Glenn, the founder, is originally from Australia but he has been living in Switzerland for many years now. He is the mind and heart behind this great company.

Check their website to discover many adventures around the world:

Pearls of Switzerland Tours, Trips and more

Cristina Tschuppert is the founder and CEO of Pearls of Switzerland tour, trips & more. Together with Toni Riethmaier, the company is offering tours, trips & more in Switzerland, Europe and Saudi Arabia.

The main office is located in Central Switzerland in Hergiswil am See a village near Lucerne.


As a collective of passionate skiers and snowboarders, Open Wear is out to set a new transparent standard within the outerwear industry.

Their key is the combination of high functionality with ethical production, sustainable materials and honesty. Hence, allowing us to continue to ride powder now, and in the future.

Openwear will continuously be launching new innovative and sustainable outerwear. For all your mountain ventures. Not only for arctic winter but also for spring.

With your help, they can create a transparent and sustainable future for the outerwear industry.

Together, we are Open Wear.

"The way we ride powder today determines if we can still ride powder tomorrow"

Hard Rock Hotel Davos

"...for a legendary stay!"

Hard Rock Hotel Davos combines the power of music with the beauty of the Swiss alps to create an unforgettable experience. No matter what brings you to Davos, you’ll never want to leave once you immerse yourself into the Hard Rock lifestyle.

This Hotel is the perfect place for vacation getaways, corporate meetings and retreats, and lavish destination weddings.

Loewe-Communications Zürich

"Connecting people through inspiring words and languages"

Founded in 2014 in Zurich, LoeweCommunications is built around our love for languages and cultures. We are a truly passionate team dedicated to create a positive impact through language.

Our mission is to empower organizations to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers and to truly unleash their potential.

Our vision is to create a linguistic-cultural bridge between different cultures and nations allowing them to open up to the world and engage in successful relationships.

The unique methodology focuses on excellence and experiential writing. It starts with an accurate assessment and analysis of our partners’ needs. We take into consideration the communicational context, the company’s wording, its style and general communication strategy. This very unique and multi-disciplinary approach allows us to deliver clear and trackable results. We go beyond the simple text, we feel what you want to say and we write it in any language for you.

LiLi Center

"Connect, grow and thrive"

Founded in 2016, the LiLi Centre is Luzern’s first community centre targeted at international residents and their families as well as internationally minded locals. It also the physical home of Living in Luzern, JIFF, SIVO, HSK English School, the Swiss Skills Academy and the Lucerne World Theatre Company.

The space itself, located at Alpenquai 40a near the Ufschötti in Luzern, is envisioned as a place:

  • to learn new things and share knowledge, experience, and advice;
  • where entrepreneurs can find similarly minded people and network;
  • where parents can come and let the children run around while they connect and relax in each other’s company;
  • to learn about Swiss culture and help with integration;
  • to create and share art, be it theatre, photography, painting, or more.

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My-Mountains is focusing prevalently on ski experiences in winter and hiking experiences in summer. However, on My-Mountains people can find many different mountain activities such as: Mountain Biking, Paragliding, Water Sports and much more.

Our solutions are limited to only few selected partners.

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