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Tips To Spend The Best Summer In Switzerland

Summer in Switzerland – What to do!

Summer season is all about beaches, hikes, rivers, parties and vacations. There’s no better time to enjoy an amazing trip than in summer. Summer vacation trips have their own charms. The weather is breezy and hot harsh and sitting by the picturesque river, beach or the lake calms you from the inside. Summer is the best time for the reunion or a get together as most of the people are free from their busy schedules. Even the children feel so happy when the summer vacations are near as they know they’re going to explore the beauty of this world.

Summer in SwitzerlandIf you want to explore the beauty of this world, there’s no better option than to travel. Either go with your friends and family or make friends along your way. One should at least go on a vacation trip once You do not only get to explore the real beauty of mother nature, but you also get to interact with a bunch of people you thought you’d never met. Exposure to the beauty of the mother nature is a different kind of tea.

When I go to the vacations with my family, I prefer going to the places where I can witness the beauty of this world. Last time, we stuck on the decision to go to Switzerland for the summer vacation trip and it was probably the best idea that me and my family made. But, why Switzerland?

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Why spend summer in Switzerand for an unforgettable experience?

Switzerland is an amazing and a vibrant country with natural environment and the breathtaking scenery. Switzerland’s mountains and the lakes are a must see. That is why, it is home to thousands to tourists that come every year to witness the breathtaking beauty of the world. Switzerland is basically home to lakes, rivers, numerous villages and the high peaks of the Alps. Moreover, Switzerland is famous for its watches and the chocolates all across the globe. It is best to spend summer in Switzerland.

Tips to spend summer in Switzerland

If your next travel destination is Switzerland, here are some tips to spend summer in Switzerland for an unforgettable experience.


Outdoor camping in Switzerland - Summer in SwitzerlandCamp outdoors on rivers, lakes or mountains

Switzerland is like a heaven for the nature lovers. Spend the summer in Switzerland by camping at Switzerland’s Alpine terrains, green meadows, lakes, rivers and forests.  Camping there is probably the best advice that I can give you for spending an unforgettable trip. There aren’t any dangerous animals all over Switzerland so you won’t have to worry about that too. It has some of the most breath-taking views all across Europe and you would not want to miss those scenes by dropping the idea of camping.

You can have the best camping experience there as the camping authorities have now built mini marts, shower areas and bathrooms at the camping sites. Though, you might have to see the best camping sites for summer.

Do not forget to include in the swiss cuisine

You vacation trip is not intact without indulging in the heavenly Swiss cuisine. In every city of the Switzerland, you have many restaurants and cafes by the river to treat yourself with the best culinary treats. Have the best food experience in the city of Geneva or take Zurich’s culinary tour. 

Spend the best summer in Switzerland by tasting the unique flavors of cheese and chocolates. If you are a wine lover  this country has some of the best red wines and white wines. Do not forget to try them out while spending the summer in Switzerland.

Festivals in SwitzerlandParty at the OPEN-AIR Music Festival

Some youngsters spend the best summer in Switzerland by enjoying the never-ending open air music festivals. With summer season comes a lot of open air music festivals. Music festivals are one of the most staple events in the summer season and missing out on them is like missing out on everything. Every open-air music festival typically lasts for 2 to 4 days.

There are various music festivals to choose from, according to your taste. You can attend the Greenfield festival or you can attend the Frauenfeld music festival. If you are really down for spending the summer in Switzerland with an amazing experience, enjoy the group camping just near to the open-air music festivals. A great fesitval is the Blue Balls in Lucerne.

Enjoy water sports in the rivers and the lake

Switzerland is a landlocked country but it has many rivers and lakes. I guess that makes up for the lack of seas in Switzerland. Switzerland has the most stunning  rivers and lakes and spending the summer in Switzerland by exploring all the lakes and rivers would definitely be a mesmerizing experience. Pristine waters is the specialty of the lakes and the rivers. Taking a dive in the lake or the river is the best way to cool off from the tiring cycle ride or the hike.

You can even enjoy water sports on Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Other than that, there are many other water sports that you can enjoy spending the best summer in Switzerland.


Gor for a hike!

Spend the best summer in Switzerland while hiking. Hiking is definitely the first thing you should do on your trip to Switzerland. It is home to peaks of Alps and some of the most amazing mountains and the beautiful nature trails.

Hiking usually begins in May and ends on the mid of the October. The trails and the hiking paths are so organized that even an inexperienced hiker can spend the summer in Switzerland by hiking at the most beautiful mountains. There are some world famous hiking places in Switzerland, such as Zermatt, where you can see the popular Seealpsee.

Conclusion – Summer in Switzerland

Spend the best ever summer in Switzerland by exploring the beautiful places, hiking and by trying out the Swiss cuisine. No place is better than Switzerland when it comes to witnessing the real beauty of the mother nature. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world and that is why, it is home to thousands of tourists every year.

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