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Enter the heart of Swiss Alps with our guided hiking tour

The beauty of Swiss Alps in summer inspired people for generations. No wonder, hiking in Switzerland is a fascinating, almost mystical experience. Not it’s time you discover it yourself.

Take a south-bound journey to into the rocky heart of the Swiss Alps. Immerse in serene beauty and feel less than a speck of dust under the sky-high peak of Titlis.  

Let’s go!

A family adventure in the heart of the Swiss Alps

Here is a short story of a lovely family from the United States who traveled to Switzerland. They embarked on a breathtaking adventure and journey to the heart of the Swiss Alps.

First of all, let us introduce to them: Julia, a young college student at Harvard. Then, Mark, the father, an entrepreneur based in Boston. Finally, his lovely wife Janet, an owner of a top-notch clinic for pain treatment.

They joined us recently on our Heart of the Swiss Alps adventure and, of course, our guides took good care of them.They accompanied them throughout the trip telling them fascinating stories about the mountains of Switzerland, Lucerne, local customs, and Swiss history.

After the trip we made a short video about their adventure. Below you can click on the link to see what they discovered.

“I took the one less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference.”

– Robert Frost

A journey into the heart of the Swiss Alps: Engelberg

Our guided tours include everything for a hassle-free adventure. For this reason, our customers enjoy a 360 service and we make sure they end up the journey with a big smile.

Generally, our guide meets the guests at 7:45 directly at their Hotel in Luzern for an easy start of the day. While comfortably traveling by train to the destination our guides kept this lovely family engaged with great stories about the local culture. Especially, our guides love to explain the cultures, languages and heritage of Switzerland through stories and fascinating facts. Do you know how many official languages there are in Switzerland? No? If you join us for your next adventure we’ll be happy to share everything we know about this lovely country.

After the quick train ride to the destination they arrived in Engelberg around 9:00. Engelberg translates to a city of angels and the town is indeed only a stone throw from a paradise. Here they continued with a short walking tour and finally they arrive at the small but lovely cable car of Fürenalp.

After the short cable car ride to the top they can enjoy a short break for a coffee and have some time to take in the amazing landscape over the Engelberg Valley. Particularly amazing from here are the views over several waterfalls and the Swiss glaciers. Finally, the group is now ready and exited to start the hike.

Heart of the Swiss Alps: A Feast for the Eyes and the Palate

Starting point is Fürenalp, a small family-run restaurant at the top of the hill. Here they enjoy the hike surrounded by Swiss Alps, amazing views over the famous Titlis Glacier, green pastures, snow capped peaks, grazing Swiss cows, water falls and streams. 

After few hours enjoying the breathtaking views they are ready for lunch. By the way, our guides always select the best alpine and traditional restaurants where our customer can enjoy the authentic Swiss alpine dishes like Rösti or Bratwürst. Of course traditional cheese is always on the table.

Finally, around 18:00 they are back in Lucerne with regenerated soul and mind. For this reason, they will always remember such unforgettable experience, great pictures and moments. After all, we love to bring people in the mountains. 

Certainly, if you want to experience the best hikes in Switzerland you should book your guided hike with us. 

Come with us and we’ll share all the knowledge and passions we have for our Swiss Alps and Swiss Traditions.