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How to protect yourself from Covid-19 in ski resorts

If you are thinking to go skiing, snowboarding or simply visiting a ski resort this winter, it is crucial to follow a few simple rules to protect yourself from COVID-19.

Here are simple steps on how to protect yourself from COVID-19 in ski resorts. 

Let’s have a look.

Plan your journey

If you want to enjoy a day in a ski resort make sure to do all the necessary preparations. Most importantly, check the governmental and cantonal regulations to learn how to protect yourself from COVID-19 in ski resorts.

To get there, try to avoid public transportation in peak hours. Use your own vehicle if possible and try to share the ride with people you know.

If you have to take a train or bus you must follow the safety rules in place given by the authorities. Also, you may want to consider to upgrade to first class, it’s definitely less crowded and will make your trip more comfortable.

When you arrive

Try to buy your ticket online and avoid queueing at the ticket desk. If you cannot buy the tickets online, try to use ticket machines if available. Pay contactless if possible.

Depending on local regulations, you will need to follow different rules on how to protect yourself from COVID-19 in ski resorts. 

You definitely must wear a mask in common areas, so bring one or more with you.

Keep your distance from other people whenever possible. And remember, physical distancing does not need to apply to household units.

Observer the usual hygiene rules given by the authorities.

If you touch brochures or flyers please keep them with you.

Do not let others touch your belongings, for example, your ski, helmet, or bike.

While doing activities

Wearing or not wearing a mask in certain areas might be part of the rules of the ski resort and you should be paying attention to the signalization. We at My-Mountains think is very important to wear a mask in the following situations:

  • On all type of lifts, both outdoor and indoor. It doesn’t matter if you take a chairlift, a gondola, or a ski lift, it’s important you keep your mask on, for example, to avoid touching your nose unintentionally.
  • While queueing, both outdoors and indoors. This is important because sometimes it can be difficult to keep a distance while queueing to take the lift.
  • Of course, in any indoor facility, like bars, restaurants, toilets, etc. This may be mandatory and you can remove your mask only once seated.

Keep your gloves on during lift rides (e.g. chairlifts, gondolas, etc.). Avoid, as much as possible, touching common surfaces on lift rides with your hands. Do not touch your face with your gloves.

If you can choose between a closed lift (like a gondola) or an open lift (like a ski lift), always opt for the open one.

While enjoying the outdoors, either skiing or sledging, you can remove your mask but remember to keep your distance from others. If the local regulations on how to protect yourself from COVID-19 in ski resorts are not clear to you, ask a dedicated staff member on the slope or call a helpline. 

“Safety doesn’t happen by accident”

When eating

Try to bring your own food. Of course, if it’s very cold eating outside it’s not so appealing, however, if you can “afford” to eat outside, maybe with a nice view over the valley, it would be the safest way to enjoy your meal.

If you go to a restaurant you must comply with the local regulations. For example, you must register your visit either on paper or via a special app. This way, it’s easier to track people in case of need.

When going home

If you are driving by car, change your clothes, including your trousers, before driving. You probably have been sitting on many lifts the whole day, get a new fresh pair of pants while driving home.

If you go by public transport, simply follow the usual hygienic rules.

At home

Leave your ski equipment in your cellar or garage as well as your ski jacket and trousers. Don’t bring them inside your home if possible as they might be contaminated.

Then, wash your hands first and get a well deserved warm shower before getting ready for a nice meal.

Conclusions on how to protect yourself from Covid-19 in ski resorts

We hope these simple rules will help you to know how to protect yourself from Covid-19 in ski resorts.

If you have any comments or think we can add more information to share with our community, feel free to get in touch via our social media channels or via email: [email protected].

We wish you a safe and enjoyable winter in the snow.

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