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Find the Best Ski Resorts for your next holiday

Maximize your leisure and chose wisely where to spend your winter holidays in one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland.

A skiing holiday is a fabulous experience both for families, couples, and singles. Whether you want to spend it in France, Switzerland, or Austria, finding the best ski resorts it’s not always easy. Therefore, setting up goals is essential when choosing the best resort for skiing.

What you should look for when choosing the best ski resort?

Here you can learn a new sport or brush up on almost forgotten skills, make new friends and really push yourself out of your comfort zone. Finding the best ski resorts is crucial to maximize the value of your time. However, there are several factors to take into account to make sure that your skiing holiday is the best that it can be.

  • First of all, you need to know which ski level you have and also the type of skier you are. Choosing the right terrain will certainly play the main role in polishing your skills.
  • Another essential part that can affect the choosing of ski resort is your budget. For example, buying multi-day lift tickets can save your money. It should also be noted there are many ski resorts that allow children under age of 5 to ski free.
  • Do you want to spend your holiday by taking ski lessons, or you want to have a mix of everything? Besides there are ski schools that provide full day classes, you can also choose between private and group ski lessons.
best ski resorts in Switzerland
  • Check the amount of snowfall in the area before booking a holiday. Especially if you are traveling very early or very late in the season. In fact, some resorts suffer from periods of poor snowfall and may try to tempt the unwary by lowering prices. In case a bargain looks too good to be true do a little research to find out why. Also check the safety record of any resort or ski slope that you may be considered. Although, in general, European ski resorts are bound by and abide by stringent safety regulations.

“A bad day skiing beats a good day at work”

Finding the best ski resorts in European countries

Many European countries offer skiing holidays and you may find it surprising to discover how much choice there is. For example, Bulgaria and Romania have recently invested heavily in their ski resorts, hoping to carve a larger slice of the tourism pie away from the traditional giants of the skiing holiday industry. The research will be your friend here, helping you to find the best ski resorts in an ideal and idyllic setting.

learn how to ski

When choosing a ski destination do some research and come up with a short list of five to seven possible resorts. Read reviews on those resorts on your shortlist and make a list of pros and cons. In general, a review by an expert skier decrying the lack of harder and more challenging runs can safely be ignored by novice skiers – or even count as a positive from their point of view!

Once you have a comprehensive and detailed shortlist it should be a relatively simple matter to choose the best ski resorts for your needs.

Switzerland as one of the best ski resorts

In our humble opinion Switzerland has the best ski resorts in Europe. In fact, you can find a large choice of ski areas with the best services and facilities. From the beginner to the professional, from single trips to family experiences. Certainly, if you want to enjoy to the fullest your next mountain holidays check out our authentic experiences with our selected providers. Click here.

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