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Ski Instructors from My-Mountains Team: 

What makes them masters?

Ski instructors from My-Mountains Team are ready for the new season!

Is there anything better than spending time in the snow and getting in shape at the same time? Skiing provides you not only lots of benefits for your body but also for your mind. Whether you want to take a winter vacation or you live in an area where you can easily hit the slopes, exercising during winter is always a good idea.

However, before you make a final decision to take ski lessons, there are a few things you need to know. Depending on your age and physical condition, your ski instructor should tailor the course according to your needs. It might look like a difficult sport to try, however, with the right teacher nothing is unreachable. Each level is carefully ‘designed’ by our team of professional ski instructors.

With My-Mountains team you’ll be able to learn skiing from masters!

“A bad day skiing beats a good day at work”

What do you need to know before getting to ski lessons?

Getting private ski lessons present a big investment of your energy, time and money. Therefore, before you decide to take ski lessons, it’s  important to be in an adequate physical condition and shape. Since skiing burns a lot of energy, you’ll need some high-protein food to sustain the effort you’ll make. Eating protein-rich ingredients, healthy fats, fresh fruits and veggies present a must when hitting the slopes.

Hydration presents another essential part since you’ll spend plenty of fluids during workout.

Are you skiing for the first time?

In case you are a beginner, you need to have reasonable expectations from your first lesson. You’ll probably fall down a lot, and will not be able to stand up easily. On the other hand, seeing a 7 -year-old boy right beside you making circles in the snow might look embarrassing, right?

The good news is that most of your issues will disappear in a few days (2 or 3). Your instructor will be there to teach you the appropriate body posture when you first time stand on skis.

It also should be noted that choosing the right ski instructor plays a huge role in improving your ski skills. As a beginner you need to go through adequate training, and to ski in accordance with your capabilities. Note that skiing activates your inner and outer thighs, glutes, legs, and knee ligaments. It also improves your balance and agility. You’ll probably feel exhausted at the end of your day spent in hitting the slopes. However, skiing will surely make you to hit the pillow in the evening and will make you feel refreshed the next day.

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Who are My-Mountains ski instructors?

My-Mountains instructors keep your health and needs in the first place! They simply know their stuff and don’t get afraid of questions. In other words, they’re always ready for any kind of unpredictable situation. Our ski instructors passed a series of tests to prove their proficiency.

Being a good ski instructor implies to be flexible, prepared, and a master of improvisation. In other words, we’ve got ski instructors to suit you. Our fully-qualified team is available to take you to different group, or private ski lessons. Not only they’re creative, but they also help people to overcome their fears and to enjoy every moment spent on the mountain. Overall, our ski instructors offer you from beginner to advanced ski courses.

What do we offer?

With us, you’ll start adventuring off-piste and feel snow like never before. You’ll be able to learn how to safely slide, slow down, and make turns. Besides skiing, My-Mountains Team offers snowboard lessons as well. And that’s not all! You can also experience paragliding, and helicopter flight over the region of Titlis.

Our fully-qualified ski instructor Andrea Caspani is available for all kinds of ski lessons (from beginner to advanced). You can find him in My-Mountains Ski School in Engelberg waiting to make some unforgettable snow tracks with you! We also collaborate with Prime Ski School Engelberg to guarantee we always have availability of ski instructors for you.

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