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Booking ski lessons in Engelberg with My-Mountains team have taken Europe by storm! With us, besides finding the best ski instructor, you’ll also be able to enjoy the Titlis area. We are sure that it will be one of the best experiences in your life! Engelberg is a great place to visit both for families or experienced groups!

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Nested in Central Switzerland, the alpine town of Engelberg is considered for one of the most popular European winter destinations. Whether you want to take ski lessons in Engelberg, or you simply want to enjoy its breathtaking views, this town has it all. You’d better be prepared for plenty of unforgettable slopes because its 82 km route will provide you an idyllic snow pleasure.  As the largest ski center in Switzerland, Engelberg seduces with its powdery snow, spectacular views, and magical whiteness. Although it has only 400 residents, the town buzzes throughout the whole year.

“Good ski instructor don’t simply teach skiing, they teach a lifestyle”

When we talk about Engelberg ski lessons, we all know that no one is born a master. With us, you’ll certainly learn skiing from the beginning, and polish your ski knowledge. We are here to teach you both! Our highly professional team is simply available to everyone. Above all, your impression means a lot to us! With the right instructor, you’ll certainly get the most of your trip.

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By booking ski lessons in Engelberg, you’ll be able to discover all famously expansive freeride zones. Our private instructors are ready to teach you some ‘skiing in style’ because the Titlis area provide you skiing between 1.050 – 3.020 meters above sea level. Whether you have never gone skiing but you have a will to learn or you already know how to ski but you want to go through an organized route with a ski instructor, we offer you both. We guarantee you that our ski lessons in Engelberg will help you to finally overcome all the fears.

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My Mountains private instructors can help you learn any type of skiing. By carefully tailoring each lesson, we offer you all types of skiing. Besides cross-country skiing, there are also Telemark, freestyle, Alpine skiing, Backcountry skiing…

Therefore, we are always looking forward to making some unforgettable snow track with you, and to represent you with the best ski experience.

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